Why I Don’t Care About the Alien Thing

There’s a narrative pushed by conspiracy theorists that people all over the world are being controlled and conditioned to have a trust in the media, the government, and our leaders. This is how they are explaining that people seeming not to care about the alien news.

Assuming people trust the government is as dumb as thinking the earth is flat. The only thing more foolish is assuming the truth is out there instead of already existing inside of each individual who is giving it exactly the amount of attention it deserves right now: none.

We joke about the alien thing because no matter what the truth is the truth will be incredibly stupid and funny.

The stupid truth is either we don’t have alien technology or alien technology was given to private contractors who broke it.

If we don’t have alien technology, the department of defense is still knowingly being defrauded billions by defense contractors who aren’t even keeping a huge life-changing secret.

If we have alien technology Lockheed Martin, Boeing, or another defense contractor has broken it and are still getting paid billions to repeatedly hit alien things with hammers and assuring a few Peter-Principled military personnel that they’re a year away from figuring it out.

I believe we have alien technology because private contractors being paid for decades of not figuring anything out is funnier.

July 29, 2023