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The Orchard

I'm growing an orchard
Of only kindness trees
That'll bear the sweetest fruits

We'll pick the fruit together
And make preserves for the cold times
So we eat and survive until the spring

Then we'll have fresh fruit pie
On a picnic blanket, kissing each other
Under the shade of our trees

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Sleep Tight

I want a girl with pity
To kill me fast
Maybe in my sleep
After a night of soft kisses
Maybe I'll go to sleep thinking that I'm wrong
I might tell myself that I can be loved
Sleep might take me before my better logic does
It would be nice to have that ignorance again
And die with it

Right Words

I'm too impatient for the right words to meet me here

So these words will have to do

They're simple words and old words
But they don't collect dust

I'm proud of these words

I feel I use them well