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My Father Pain

Was there a start?
If so

Why did it stop?

What were the things I did?

What were the things I made you live?

Why did it stop?
Assuming, there was a start

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These sounds belong
To the full moons
To you

In ‘57, on our 42nd
(Please, let us last)
We will listen then?

The next?
In two weeks
Can we listen?

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Olfactory Nostalgia

The olfactory induced nostalgia of our first days
My lips on your shoulders
The pivot point to the crook of your neck
My head rests and waits for your arms

I wait

There’s a relief but only the scent is the same
There’s an ache from the loose embrace

I’m sorry

Thought and stopped being said a long time ago

Where is the grip we both had on our first days?

I wait

Light to Heavy Rain

Birds peck worms from the field
My hands numb, a reminder of France
I head to my truck from the dugout

What kind of birds?

No idea but Papa would know
We're not talking, I miss him
I type and tap on icons and gradients

Maybe a house sparrow?

They reply to the bird call from my phone
The truck is hot, but my coat is wet
I kill the engine and roll a window

The sparrows fly away

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Hybrid Cereal

When a cereal isn't good
And there's no money to waste
And wasting food is the only sin
You buy another cereal

Lucky Charms™

Marshmallows make the taste better

Thank You Good Sir

You sounded happy
I don't know you
But suspect you'd want me to know Christ
Like you do

The sunset interrupted your reading of Saint Augustus
So you interrupted my conversation
Pointing out the colors
They were beautiful

It was a good thing
You looked, I looked, my wife looked
I don't know what either of you thought
But I tried not to think

Thinking has killed beauty for me
So I could only look for a moment
But the mood I had from it
Made everything easier

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